WiiHey DaaS Platform MQTT API

Getting Started

MQTT Basics

MQTT is a lightweight publish-subscribe messaging protocol which is probably the most suitable protocol for various IoT use cases. WiiHey DaaS Platform acts as an MQTT Broker over SSL/TLS with predefined topics.

Client Setup

You can find a large number of MQTT client libraries on the web. The Sample Project we provided is based on NodeJS and MQTT.js. In order to setup them, follow instructions in the project README.

Getting Connected

We are using MQTT over SSL/TLS for security concerns, so make sure they are enabled in your MQTT Client. Follow the Sample Project if your Application Server are based on NodeJS.

port: 8883
host: 'iot.wiihey.com'
username: {APP-ID}
password: {APP-KEY}
protocol: "mqtts"


We use APP-ID and APP-KEY to identify and authenticate your Application Server. WiiHey Customer Support Team will provide to you these credentials.

Key Value Format

All messages are Key-Value content in JSON. Key is always string while Value can be string, boolean and number.

For example:

  "key-1": "a string value",
  "key-2": 123,
  "key-3": true

Incoming Message API

To receive message from WiiHey DaaS Platform, Subscribe to the following topic:


Message looks like:

   "APP-ID": "xxxxxxxx",
   "DeviceID": "xxxxxxxx",
   "Timestamp": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
   "State": "xxxx",
   "IMEI": "xxxxxxxx",
   "CCID": "xxxxxxxx",
   "CSQ": 32,



Application Server’s ID


Device’s ID.


This is the Unix time when the message is arrived at WiiHey DaaS Platform.


Device’s State. For Manhole Sensor the states are ‘open’ and ‘close’.


Indicates the remaining battery as a value between 0 and 10000.


IMEI is a string that identifies the Modem module in the Device.


ICCID is a string that identifies the SIM card.


CSQ is a number that describes the signal strength.


Manhole cover open

   "CustomerID": "a6157a33",
   "DeviceID": "5da6f03c",
   "Timestamp": "1529553530",
   "State": "open",
   "IMEI": "351756051523999",
   "ICCID": "89014103243534707921",
   "CSQ": 30